Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pimp your keys....Clever Necklace.....

It seems that the idea of concetrating in only one colour is very difficult for me :-)

However while I am in the search of new creations and I want to post something for every colour separately...I thought up the easy way. I will search and find other people who have shops in Dawanda and Etsy and I will feature their colored items..I won't be the first of course but at least I will get to know new people. So in case you read this post and would like to have the chance to be featured do not hesitate to contact me.
Don't leave me do all the work by myself!
Please send me the url of the product that you want to be featured.
Come on not hesitate...every beginning is difficult but the journey is that counts!!!

Bla, my subject now (concerning the title of course xD)...

I want to show you a new idea I had about a combination of your keys, colours, kawaii(ness) and jewellery. The other day I found these beautiful key head covers and ...blop..the idea stroke me...they can be wonderful necklaces and also can make my keys happy and beautiful.

Below I am posting some pictures...

If you want to see more or even make one of them yours, then (I think you know already)..
visit ColourLab

Thank you for reading...
Comments are welcomed!

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