Friday, March 12, 2010

Winter is almost over.....:-)

The truth is that the weather has gone mad, and we 've almost lost two seasons (spring and autumn)....anyways.....the subject is that the winter is almost over (yeahhhhh!!!!!!) and with the sun's help, bright colours will replace every moment of our life!!!! So...since I am a colours' fanatic...I can't wait for the sunny days!!!! While waiting though ;-)...I have found some very pretty things from some special artists!!!!!!

I love big bags and I usually carry with me almost anything you can imagine, cause I just forget what I threw inside (last year I carried with me a screwdriver for a month or so...:-)...and now I have found the perfect bag for all my junk ;-).....She comes in many different colours...she is cute, cool and most important specious....Please welcome Kallia from milloo

Speaking of colours and spring...what is the first thing that crosses your mind?
Mine is RaInBoWs.....You now how rainbows make the rainy days perfect!!!
So, if you also love rainbows and want to have one in your
living room or bedroom,why don't you visit bilder-welten
If it is hard for you to make a decision easily then PLEASE do not visit this shop :-)
The picture below is actually a wall sticker (40X17cm)...amazing huh?!?!?!?

And since we decorated the living room or the bedroom, it is a pitty to leave our bathroom simple and colourless, as it usually is!!! The strange aquarium below will give a nice touch and it is sure that everyone will think it carefully before using the wc ;-)
Another wall-sticker from Wandtattoo-yd

These are my favourite things for the moment!!!
Hope you enjoy!!!!

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milloo said...

Hello Jo,

thank you for including my bag in your article.Really honored