Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Look!!!

When I started my online shops I really had no idea what was the best way to show off my products. I have read several articles regarding advices and tutorials on how to take the best pictures.
At the beginning I started by using colored backgrounds, but some people told me that it will be best to use white background because it would make the products pop up!!! I tried that too...But now after a long time of experimenting I decided that the white background does indeed help the products to pop up but it gives them a cool look. So, now I use colored backgrounds and favourite stuffs from around the house...I even dig up my childhood's toys in order to accomplish some of my creations. These two photos show you the before and after of the necklace that I've sold too many times and hopefully will continue to sell!!!

So what do you think? Which one do you find most tempting? What is your opinion regarding the photos of your products?!
Just for your information, the second photo is taken at a sunny day in my balcony and it is a bit photoshoped!!!
I really appreciate and looking forward to your comments and opinions!!!

In case you want to see more photos of the sweet chocolate cookie necklace, please visit the link below:

Cheers!!! :-)

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