Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's official summer and I scream for ice cream!!!

Oh!!! how I love summer and especially all the things that comes with it... great mood, sun, warm, sea, sunbathe, long walks, summer clothes, fruits, so much more and of course ice scream!!!

I love ice cream and if I didn't gained weight so much easily I could eat only ice cream and sweets!! Maybe that is the reason that I mostly make miniature sweets :-) Through years I am strongly convinced that I suppress my overweight-me with a lot of struggle and sacrifices!!!

Anyway, after this short prologue, I want to show you my new summery creations!!! Can you imagine what could it be??? But of course ICE CREAM in many flavors and sizes. The great thing about them is that you can order your favorite flavor just like you would in a real ice cream store!

So here is my new mini ice cream counter!!!!

And here are some of the studs in different sizes I have made so far. (notice the squares in the cone in order to understand the size difference ;-)

I haven't listed any ice cream in my shops yet but if you are interested you can contact me in order to do so!!! Furthermore it would be great to "like" me on Facebook where I upload new items more often!!!

Oh!!! And more thing!!!!
What is your favorite ice cream flavor or combination?????
It would really help me to create new minis!!!!! :-)

And last but not least I would like to THANK all my new followers!!! It was a great surprise to see so many people!!! Thank you...thank you...thank you.... :-)

Hope to hear from you!!!!
Mini greek hugs!:-)


1 comment:

Stella said...

The icecream stand looks gorgeous! The texture of the icecream is perfect.
And I totally understand your feeling about sweets and, uh, weight! As a perpetually-on-a-diet person myself I can feel your pain :D