Monday, October 3, 2011

Fashion of Spring 2012 - PASTA earrings!!!!

Well, we only have the winter started and it is still 2011...but I saw the other day on the news the new fashion show from Dolce & Gabbana for Spring 2012...and loved the idea!!!

What was the idea?!?!?!

Well you must definitely google it to see the accessories and the clothes of the show!!! It was ALL about Italian food!!!! And what is the first you think when you hear Italian food...but PASTA of course. They were on the ears of Dolce & Gabbanna models at the Milan fashion show. The earrings were enameled farfalle ornamented with jewels and finished with a shiny miniature aubergine. It was in recognition of Italian beauty.
So here are a pair of earrings from the show:

..and here is my idea!!!!

I think that those of the show are too much decorated and they are probably not very comfortable and of course will probably cost a fortune!!!! But mine are very lightweight, more minimal and cost almost nothing!!!

The best comment I got for those was the one from my boyfriend, who was wondering whether we had farfalle at home or not, cause he thought that I had actually used the real pasta!!!
Cool huh?!?!? and for the record...they are 100% of polymer clay ;-)

If you are gonna copy them, PLEASE at least use you own decoration!!!
If you are interested on purchasing them you can find them in my dawanda shop!!!!


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