Thursday, September 9, 2010

I ♥ my blog!!!

It has been a long time since I created this blog and to tell you the truth I didn't invest so much time in actually posting things. I have always wondered what people write in their blogs and why do they create them in the first place...
Well, I think I found my why!!! I just love to fix the design and its interface every now and then, plus I will use it to post and show you people my creations and maybe some tips I have learned in my long journey in the web space!!! :-)
Oh!!! If you don't know it already...I love polymer clay and I create miniature foods which I turn into jewellery!!! If you are impatience and want to see my work you can visit my website or my deviant account where I have uploaded many of the cute things I spend my time with!!!! You also have the possibility to purchase your cutie from my shop or request me a custom order!!!
To sum up I also promise to post interesting stuff and tutorials I find in internet, since I am a tutorialworm ( I don't think that this word even exists but its like the bookworm...hahaha)
Hope you people support me and leave a comment...

Hope you are all well!!!!

Jo :-)

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