Saturday, September 11, 2010

If only I had long hair!!!!

Hello :3

I hope you are doing well and starting enjoying autumn!!!

This time I would like to share with you a new collection I started working on during the summer!!!
It all started from my love for whipped cream!!! I finally managed to find the right material and tools to achieve the result I have imagined and then all of a sudden everything in my house was decorated with a pinch of whipped cream!!! Of course my boyfriend was not very happy about it but I tried to decorate things that was not of every day use!!! I have decorated jars in the kitchen, small boxes I keep on my desk, even glasses and cuttlery!!! It was so much fun!!!!
Then, one day, I went shopping in my favourite toy store here in Thessaloniki and I found some amazing wooden hair brushes!!! Oh..there were so natural and beautiful, yet so empty and minimal....dingdingding......all I had to do was decorate them with whipped cream!!!! Of course...I would turn them into lolita-cute- sweet-pink-kawaii brushes!!!
My first attempts were showcased in the first bazaar I have taken part and although their price was a little bit high (I had to pay 30% comission for the items bought :-( they have all been sold. Unfortunately, I do not have a decent photo from them but I will show you some new I have made!!!

This is my rainbow brush and already belongs to Tonia!

This was custom made for Maria!!!
(you can see her name written with chocolate biscuits in Greek on it)
And this one is the sweet marshmallow delight and belongs to Nefeli!

So, as you have noticed, I worked a little bit harder on them and customised them, giving a more personal touch, by writing the name of the owner.
Regarding the ordering of a brush, I mostly work with comissions! You can choose the colours and also the theme!! They are perfect and unique gifts!!! Don't forget... Santa is not far away ;-) So if you want one for yourself or as a gift for someone special, please contact me either by email or by note through FB.

I hope to hear from you!!!
Cheers :-)

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